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Plant 64

Plant 64 Lofts

Winston-Salem, NC (circa early 1900’s)

This adaptive-reuse project included field investigation and the preparation of contract documents, as well as other services, for renovation of seven (7) industrial buildings in a block in downtown Winston-Salem into a mixed-use project. The 423,455SF development will incorporate the site’s unique history, honoring its architectural and manufacturing heritage. The seven (7) buildings include buildings that are numbered 64-1, 64-2, 64-3, 64-4, 66, 68 and 69. The renovation will include conversion of the first floor of several of the buildings into parking areas and then modification of the upper floors to turn them into apartments. Building 66 will be turned into retail space; Building 68 into miscellaneous area including an in ground swimming pool and Building 69 will be turned into parking. Building 66, 68 and 69 are wood structures and the remaining buildings are cast-in-place concrete structures. Building 64-2 is a post-tensioned concrete building. Our office will also provide construction administration services for this project.