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Building 110B

Building 110B - Second Floor Addition, VA Medical Center

Hampton, Virginia

This project included the addition of 36,000 square feet of new clinical/administrative space to Building 110B. 20,500 square feet of space will be located over the existing first floor interstitial roof, and it will house new primary care spaces, a sleep clinic and additional support spaces. The new primary care facility will provide all necessary spaces for twelve PACT teams. Each PACT team will consist of two exam rooms, one doctor/LPN office, a centralized nurse station along with pharmacist, mental health and social worker support spaces. The new primary care facility will also include conference rooms, reception areas, a new waiting room, check-in kiosks, two check-out areas and support spaces. A new 10,500 square foot third floor will accommodate different administrative functions including training spaces, offices, conference and security rooms, a break area and other support spaces. The estimated construction cost of this project was $10.8 Million.