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Aberdeen Proving Ground Test Chambers 1

Mobility Test Chamber & Firing Control Test Chamber

Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland

This project included the design of two (2) test chambers, both of which were to be used for the testing of M-1 Tanks. The first chamber was the Firing Control Test Chamber, which was used to test the firing of M-1 Tanks in temperatures ranging from –65 degrees Fahrenheit to +165 degrees Fahrenheit. The building was designed to resist an accidental explosion of 40 pounds of TNT, in addition to blasts and over-pressure created by the tank muzzle. The building was designed with a slot in the roof/wall to allow different angles of muzzle while maintaining the extreme temperature ranges. Construction included three (3) foot thick walls. The second chamber was the Mobility Test Chamber, which was used to test for mechanical function and failure under extreme temperatures of –65 degrees Fahrenheit to +165 degrees Fahrenheit. The Chamber was designed as two seperate 60’x30’x40’ tall areas with a movable wall that created a 60’x60’x40’ tall space. The movable insulated wall had to be designed to handle extreme temperature differences between the chambers. This three-story structure included adjacent spaces, such as restrooms, lounge, classroom, instrumentation room, and electrical equipment room. The site had to be “swept” for active ammunition. Most of the design was “state of the art, never been done before” design. The project design was accelerated to require 100% design completed in six (6) months. The construction value for this project was estimated at $11 Million.