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M. Price Distributing

M. Price Distributing Company Expansion

Hampton, Virginia

McPherson Design Group completed this project in 2012, which included the design of a new 18,000 square foot cold storage warehouse. The new building is a stand-alone structure located adjacent to an existing warehouse building. Two small connector buildings were also designed to provide movement between the new and existing buildings. The new warehouse building is supported by a system of grade beams and pile caps.  addition is a single story, pre-engineered metal building system consisting of steel columns, girts and purlins supporting a metal deck roof and metal panel siding. The building is founded on a pre-cast, pre-stressed concrete pile system. Reinforced concrete pile caps support the column bases. The floor is a pile supported, reinforced concrete, structural slab system. The floor slab will also provide lateral load continuity between foundation elements. The new addition will be offset from the existing building, avoiding interference between new and existing elements of construction. The new warehouse will be connected to the existing with two steel framed connecting structures, similar in construction to the new warehouse. All new construction will be structurally isolated from the existing to avoid imparting new loads on the existing building.