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Wheeler Lumber

Wheeler Lumber Wood Treating Facility

Whitewood, South Dakota

The treating facility at this location had been in operation since 1960, prior to catching fire and burning to the ground in March of 2003. McPherson Design Group designed a new concrete treating pad that is approximately 40’ in width by 250’ in length and sits approximately 4 feet higher than the original treating pad. This new concrete treating pad is approximately 8 inches thick and is reinforced with #4 reinforcing at 12 inches on center each way, top and bottom. It includes 4 inch high curbs, water stops, construction joints every twenty-five feet, and a rail system for moving the wood in and out of the treating cylinders. Once this concrete treating pad was in place, a pre-engineered metal building was constructed to completely encapsulate the treating pad, as well as the treating cylinders, chemical tanks and treating office. McPherson Design Group has provided annual inspections of this treating plant every year since 2003, in order to document it’s condition.