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Hampton Baptist Church

Virginia (circa 1849)

McPherson Design Group has completed several projects for this Church built circa 1849 in Hampton, Virginia. One of those projects included providing an emergency condition inspection after a storm blew the original steeple off of the church. Approximately 90 feet of wood constructed steeple broke off at its connection to the main steeple tower and landed on the main building roof structure before it finally settled on the ground. Our firm completed an inspection of the existing structure to determine the limits of damage due to the impact of the steeple and provided contract documents for the reconnection of a new steeple to the existing steeple tower. The existing connections had been originally designed inadequately and water infiltration had deteriorated the steel and wood connections. Our contract documents provided for full height steel rods from the connection of the replacement steeple down to large footings that were placed within the steeple tower.

Our most recent project included the demolition and replacement of the 1964 addition to the church. This project was completed in 2014 and was approximately 14,000 square feet in size.  Portions of the existing foundation system were utilized in construction of the new design. McPherson Design Group provided Construction Administration services for both of these projects.