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    City of Portmouth Seawall 1

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    City of Portmouth Seawall 2

Seawall Inspection, Repairs and Replacement

Portsmouth, Virginia

MDG has provided several above-water and underwater inspections of 4,000 linear feet of seawall along the Portsmouth downtown waterfront over the past twenty-three years. Inspections included bulkhead, piles, beams, precast double tees, wharfs, ferry landing docks, and ramps. The underwater inspection was completed by certified divers in water up to 35' deep. Results have been provided to the City of Portsmouth in comprehensive reports. In addition, we provided contract documents for the repairs required as a result of our reports over the years. We have completed the design for repairs to the brick pavers, concrete curbs, structures adjacent to pavers away from the water, wood construction, connections around ferry loadings, bollards, cleats and aluminum handrails along the boardwalk. We also provided the design for emergency repairs to 160 linear feet of seawall in 2010.

We are currently completing contract documents for replacement of the Downtown City of Portsmouth Seawall (approximately 4,000 linear feet). This will be completed in Phases, with areas requiring immediate attention being completed first. The design and construction of Phase I is complete and Phase II is currently under construction.