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Warwick Memorial

Warwick Memorial United Methodist Church

Newport News, Virginia

McPherson Design Group provided contract documents for this 10,000 square foot addition to the existing Church. The addition comprised of a 6,600 square foot pre-engineered metal building for the gymnasium and multipurpose room and a 3,400 square foot conventionally framed building.  Both buildings are one-story and are structurally independent. Our design included a shallow spread footing foundation for both structures with the pre-engineered metal building being a turn-downed slab edge. We only provided the foundation plan design for the metal building, with the pre-engineered metal builder responsible for the design of the superstructure and the small mezzanine located in the rear of the space. The design for the conventionally framed building included wood bearing walls with steel trusses for the roof. The trusses extend from the bearing wall adjacent to the existing Church and the front of the foyer. Overlay framing extends over a portion of the pre-engineered metal building roof, and there are interior bearing walls and steel framing to support the trusses.