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Hampton History Museum

Hampton History Museum and Visitor Center

Hampton, Virginia

McPherson Design Group completed a facility condition assessment of the Hampton Museum and Visitor Center under our Structural Annual with the City of Hampton. This museum was constructed in 2002 and is an auger cast-in-place, concrete pile, two-story structure consisting of structural steel framing and cast-in-place concrete floor systems. The exterior façade of the building consists of brick wall panels and glazed windows. Our facility condition assessment included the inspection and evaluation of the structural building components, non-structural components, and adjacent site work. The evaluation also included a roofing inspection, environmental inspection for lead and asbestos, and mechanical, electrical and plumbing inspection. Our office prepared a bound Report from our structural findings and the findings of all of the consultants and we provided the City with information that were placed on a special website for review by City Officials for easy access to information on the Museum.